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Types of heartburn
03-27-2011 01:57 PM

When it comes to heartburn you probably have already read and tried dome of the possible solutions, which range from simple dietary choices to prescription medications. Each person chooses the method they like the most and feel comfortable about. And of course, it also depends on the actual cause behind the unpleasant sensations in the chest. However, most people think that all heartburn is the same and there's no big deal about when or how you experience it. But in fact, there is, and depending on the actual type of heartburn you will need different methods of heartburn relief to calm down the burning in your chest. So the next time you experience the unpleasant burning sensations ask yourself to which of the following type of heartburn it belongs to:

Summer heartburn

It may come as a surprise, but heartburn actually has a seasonal character among the majority of people experiencing it. This is especially common for regions with a substantial difference in seasons. Typical picnics, lazy days during the vacation, hot humid air, fatty and fast foods you eat instead of spending time in the kitchen - this all raises the likelihood of experiencing heartburn attacks. Of course, banning summer is not the best idea to avoid heartburn during this season, but you shout be more picky when choosing your foods if you don't want to feel the heat in your esophagus as well.

Pregnancy heartburn

Pregnant women often complain about having heartburn. While pregnancy is certainly a wonderful time for any woman, it puts additional pressure on the female body and makes some systems work not as effectively as normally. In normal conditions, the muscle connecting the stomach to the esophagus known as LES (lower esophageal sphincter) prevents the food from being re-fluxed into the esophagus by the additional efforts of the diaphragm, which lies within the same plane as the LES. However, in pregnant women the enlarged uterus makes the LES move up a bit and place it out of line with the diaphragm, weakening its functions. So it is easier for the food to flow back into the esophagus and damage it with stomach acid - the direct cause for heartburn.

When it comes to relieving this form of heartburn the patient should be very cautious, especially when dealing with such potent drugs as Nexium. Remember that not all drugs are good for your baby, and any medical decision should be first discussed with your doctor. So it's better to prevent heartburn in the first place rather than look for a cure afterwards. Eat in small portions, avoid foods rich with salt, acid and saturated fats. Don't drink too much coffee, caffeined drinks or eat too much chocolate. Avoid eating in less than three hours before going to bed. This way it will be less likely for you to suffer from heartburn.

Nighttime heartburn

This is probably the most unpleasant of all types of heartburn. Besides the usual burning feeling, it seriously affects the quality of sleep and can also cause insomnia. The best solution to it would be avoiding any dinner before bedtime (at least 3 hours before going to bed) and keeping your chest slightly higher above your stomach in order to prevent natural food reflux. Using drugs like Nexium will also help.

Chronic heartburn

Sometime heartburn becomes a permanent problem. If you have constant heartburn that won't settle for more than two weeks, it's a case of chronic heartburn. This type of heartburn usually indicates serious underlying problems and can be a symptom of GERD and even certain types of cancer.

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