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How To Fix Windows 80240016 Errors
How To Fix Windows 80240016 Errors
03-27-2011 01:50 PM

The 80240016 error is a problem that's caused by the update procedure of Windows. More specifically, it's an issue that prevents your computer from being able to connect to its update server, a problem that's most likely caused by either the Windows Update files being damaged, or having some sort of problem with its services / settings. In order to resolve this error, you can first ensure that your PC is able to read the files it needs to run, as well as then making sure that Windows has all the correct settings.

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The first thing to do to fix the 80240016 error is to first ensure that your PC is connected to the Internet. By your looking at this page, I am guessing you have full Internet connection, and therefore this shouldn't be such a big issue for you... but if you're on a different computer to the one showing the error right now, I'd check your affected PC to make sure that it has connection to the Internet.

After checking the Internet's connection, you then need to make sure that there are no viruses on your PC. This can be done quite easily by downloading the "MalwareBytes" application from the Internet, installing it and then letting it clean out any of the problems that Windows might have. This is a leading tool that is also free to use, making the perfect solution to repair the various infections your PC may have. One of the biggest issues that people have is that a small virus will be blocking the Windows Update features of your system, and so you should clean out the infection with a program such as MalwareBytes.

To fix this error, it's also recommended that you "restart" the services that Windows Update will be using to run. The services of Windows are what your computer uses to help it run a number of complicated procedures, and are used widely by the likes of your WiFi, and Windows Update (it's how your PC continually knows when updates are available). Unfortunately, some of the services out there can become corrupted & not work properly any more. To resolve this problem, you should restart the services that control Windows Update; a process which can be achieved by clicking onto "Run", accessing "CMD" and then typing: net stop wuauserv & net start wuauserv

Next, you should look at cleaning out any of the registry errors that your computer will have. This can be done by downloading, installing and running a registry cleaner. These tools are abundant on the Internet, and have been created to fix the various errors that your system may have. One of the biggest causes of errors for the Windows system is through corrupted & damaged registry settings. In order to resolve this, we recommend using a registry cleaner program, such as Frontline Registry Cleaner.

You can fix 80240016 error on your PC by using the tutorial and tools on our website. You can Click Here to fix the 80240016 error on your system for good.

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